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Be aware of invoice fraud!

It is a misunderstanding that only large and popular companies are a target for hackers. 60% of all cyber attacks are aimed at SME.

“I opened one false invoice in my mailbox, and suddenly I was hacked”, witnessed a CFO of a Belgian company “I lost access to the files on my computer. Only when I paid the hackers 400 euros I would gain access to my files again. ”

This demand for ransom in exchange for access to your own computer is becoming more common, with amounts of ransom which are becoming higher and higher.

Cyber incidents can completely disrupt your business and can cause serious damage. It is not the question whether your company will be attacked, but WHEN your company will be attacked and whether your company is ready to respond appropriately. Obtaining sensitive information usually happens unnoticeable, hackers deliberately leave as few traces as possible. It is very questionable to what extent this type of incident is noticed by the average SME.

Cybersecurity is recently added to the top 3 of directors’ concerns, so awareness is no longer a problem. According to the IT departments some measures have been taken, but something unexpected can always happen. Which results in the situation that few managers and directors are sure that their organization is adequately protected against cyber security incidents. Invoice fraud happens when invoices are intercepted and the account number on which has to be paid is falsified. As soon as unsuspecting companies pay on that false account number, the money disappears into the pockets of the scammers.

Choosing for legal E-invoicing, preferably using the authorized flows of a service provider, is the best option to make your invoice flow safe. Unlike postal mail or a PDF by e-mail, you will have control over: integrity, authenticity and most importantly the security of your invoice.

More and more organizations are switching to e-invoicing and are making demands concerning the security of the transfer of the invoices.Invoices (but also orders and delivery notes) can be sent securely via the OptiPost network, using any format or channel (e.g. PEPPOL network, Mercurius, ….). By using our network all safety risks are eliminated.

By validating the sender of an e-invoice, it is determined that invoices from an organization actually originate from this organization. This eliminates the risk of ghost invoices. Documents over our network are signed and certified using an electronic signature. This in combination with the security of the document ensures that invoice data is protected.

Moreover, you are sure that your invoice has arrived at the right place and that it can be proved that this invoice is authentic and reliable.

Want to know more about cyber security : BDO

Did you know that you can insure the damages caused by a cyber attack.



What if Bpost decreases the postal delivery days?

According to Minister De Croo the lowering of the frequency of mail delivery is not yet on the agenda in the coming years. But the regulator of the postal services BIPT is taking this idea into consideration. They submitted a proposal not to deliver the post every day.

And if we talk about mail by post we are talking about your invoices. The idea of delivering invoices after two or three days will encourage companies to switch even more to e-invoicing.

In Estonia, the blockchain nation, paper mail does not longer exist. Everything is completely digital, including government communication. “Bpost is just lucky that Belgium is a slow and difficult country, but they can’t stop the digitization” says Snoeck from RetailDetail. Sending invoices by post will only decrease in the future and the digitization will increase.

So maybe we should already think about “what if?”

That’s where OptiPost comes into the picture. OptiPost is the smartest way to replace paper billing with e-invoicing in a move that makes sense financially, strategically and ecologically. We use the latest technology to send out our customers bills, to provide 1-click payment technology, to take care of reconciliation and to send out their reminders.

In other words: we optimize the outgoing invoice flow from invoice to cash.

The end result is an e-invoicing solution that delivers easily measurable results in terms of:

  • Cost reduction
  • Cash flow increase
  • Time optimization
  • Improved operational efficiency

OptiPost makes sending invoices electronically safe, fast and secure.

Choosing for E is choosing for efficiency.

Choosing for E is stepping into the future.



Pay in one click!

The (r)evolution

In the past few years we see a serious rise of so-called ‘FinTechs’: start-ups who have more understanding of digital design than of banking conventions, and therefore excel in user convenience. PSD2 will make it easier for them to build ‘on top’ of the banks.

PSD2 is the second Payment Services Directive, designed by the European Union. It could revolutionise the payments industry, affecting everything from the way we pay online, to what information we see and deliver when making a payment.

The first Payment Service Directive standardized the payment system. This was the beginning of online payment and paved the path for e-commerce. PSD2 turns that path into a highroad.

Everything has to go faster and easier. Optipost also follows this evolution by integrating easy payment solutions into its platform. First we will select the most reliable and popular payment methods and incorporate them into our portal services.
We will make it possible for your debtors to pay their bills using the payment method with which they are most familiar. One-click payment is easy, fast and secure – exactly what today’s customers expect!

We will support following payment methods using the OptiPost portal or notification tools:

  • Direct transfer between banks
  • SEPA direct debit
  • Debtors’ bank card (Maestro, Bancontact …)
  • Credit card (VISA, Mastercard,…)
  • Pay-software tools

Of course OptiPost takes care of the SEPA mandate management and full feedback/control.

Paying in one click shortens the process to the bare minimum and lets customers pay with a single click in just a few seconds.

And what is in it for you? It will be more easy to manage your customers, follow up debtor payments, track unpaid and/or overdue invoices. Simplify and speed up the dunning process. (reminders)
With our solutions taking care of the payment, you can concentrate on your business.

The way to E is beneficial for everybody!



The Belgian healthcare sector is stepping into the digital world

In 2015 Minister of Health, Maggie De Block (Open VLD) announced that she wanted to abolish the (white and green) doctor’s notes and replace them with an electronic version. Now in 2018 she suits the action to the word!


Since the 6th of February GP’s can transfer to an electronic certificate and doctor’s note. This means that those old-fashioned green and white notes are history and by this the reimbursement will be fully digitized“It will be possible to safely send the doctor’s note directly to the health insurance fund so the patient will be reimbursed directly to his bank account”

Also in the Belgian healthcare sector choosing for E stands for choosing for efficiency. Minister De Block says she is aware that this change will  take time and effort. “But those efforts will pay off: the administration for healthcare providers will decrease, allowing them to spend more time on their patients. Also the patient himself and the health insurance funds will have less paperwork.” On top of that patients no longer need to go back and forth to bring their doctor’s note to the health insurance fund and the reimbursement happens faster. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

In every story about digitalisation there is always one thing in common: a significant saving of time. And on top of that you can save some money too. Now the  monopoly has been broken up, hospitals and medical laboratories can explore the market of electronic invoicing and will enjoy the benefits.





According to a recent article in the economic newspaper De Tijd cyber criminals are hacking company mailboxes and infect them with a computer virus so they can keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing mails of the accounting department.

How can you safeguard your business against that kind of fraud?

Read about it in our latest newsletter. Download the OptiPost Newsletter -PDF or read the online version.




News / Our mission: smart future-proof outsourcing

OptiPost focuses on companies who want to outsource their outgoing invoices with a forward-looking vision.

Therefore we concentrate on the combination of data interoperability and secured pdf’s to handle the outgoing invoice flow for our customers.

Within the B2B-world, we want to make a difference by putting our focus on added value services.

Read more in the article that was published in dVO-magazine or if you don’t have the time to read the article, look at our 1-minute video.




News / OptiPost approved service provider for Mercurius

The Government of Flanders asks in all its public contracts that invoices be delivered electronically through the Mercurius platform as from 1 January 2017 onwards. This e-invoicing policy is outlined in close cooperation with the federal government, the other Regions and the local authorities.

The Government of Flanders seeks to make a substantial contribution to the digitisation of information flows between government and businesses (Radical Digital). In doing so, it also promotes the digitisation of invoicing in the B2B environment. More information on: www.overheid.vlaanderen.be/e-invoicing.

An e-voice is an invoice that can be processed automatically by both sender and receiver. A PDF invoice does not meet this requirement. An e-invoice is an XML invoice that complies with the PEPPOL standard.

Using OptiPost as your service provider:
Guarantees you correct invoicing to the Mercurius portal
Relieves you from all worries and stress
Just sit back and collect the invoice amount



Event / 2018 - Controlling & improving your financial flow

In 2018 we will organise a seminar for the professional CFO, financial controller, treasurer and off course CEO. Our aim will be to introduce and inform you on the latest trends within e-invoicing, credit control, working capital management, liquidity planning and off course Fintech bank challenging apps.

OptiPost always combines knowledge and networking with pleasure in its events. Come back soon to learn more about the details and the pleasure treat.



News / A single electronic mailbox for each and everyone of you

It’s a jungle out there!

In the spring of 2018, every Belgian citizen and Belgian company will receive an electronic mailbox from the government with a simple login for all their salary slips, certificates, contracts, proof of declaration and invoices. According to the minister of Digital Agenda, Alexander De Croo this will lead to less hassle and less of time. 

Digital communication has enormous advantages, but right now it is still a jungle. The multiplicity of existing digital mailboxes, passwords and logins is what prevents us from taking advantage out of digital communication. Those benefits are countless: easy archiving and follow-up of documents, digital payment and faster exchange of information at any time and from anywhere, cost saving and positive effects on the environment. By creating a personal electronic mailbox Minister De Croo is promising to bring order to the chaos.

All governments and eventually all companies and all organizations will be able to send documents to citizens and companies via a digital secured mailbox. It is not the intention of the government to set up a new mailbox. The e-box will be integrated into current systems. This way we avoid people being set up with multiple mailboxes.

Well-known providers of digital mailboxes, such as Zoomit, Doccle and POM will get the chance to be involved. These private companies already bundle several digital mailboxes on 1 platform. The government is going down the same road with the e-box. the intention is not to compete with these initiatives but to strengthen them. Via e-box every citizen and company will be assigned a unique, digital address and digital mailbox. Private companies will be able to integrate their services with the e-box and build and offer the digital mailbox themselves. Citizens and companies will be able to choose the mailbox they prefer out of several accredited providers. The rules how to get this accreditation are not published yet.



Curious for our expertise?

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Give us one minute of your time and we’ll explain our business model and approach in the video. We make it simple for you and take over the risks, stress, work, legal aspects and cover all technical issues. One flow IN multi flow OUT. That’s the logic way to send your invoices.