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Event / March 2018 - Controlling & improving your financial flow

In March 2018 we will organise a seminar for the professional CFO, financial controller, treasurer and off course CEO. Our aim will be to introduce and inform you on the latest trends within e-invoicing, credit control, working capital management, liquidity planning and off course Fintech bank challenging apps.

OptiPost always combines knowledge and networking with pleasure in its events. Come back soon to learn more about the details and the pleasure treat.



News / OptiPost approved service provider for Mercurius

The Government of Flanders asks in all its public contracts that invoices be delivered electronically through the Mercurius platform as from 1 January 2017 onwards. This e-invoicing policy is outlined in close cooperation with the federal government, the other Regions and the local authorities.

The Government of Flanders seeks to make a substantial contribution to the digitisation of information flows between government and businesses (Radical Digital). In doing so, it also promotes the digitisation of invoicing in the B2B environment. More information on: www.overheid.vlaanderen.be/e-invoicing.

An e-voice is an invoice that can be processed automatically by both sender and receiver. A PDF invoice does not meet this requirement. An e-invoice is an XML invoice that complies with the PEPPOL standard.

Using OptiPost as your service provider:
Guarantees you correct invoicing to the Mercurius portal
Relieves you from all worries and stress
Just sit back and collect the invoice amount



News / Our mission: smart future-proof outsourcing

OptiPost focuses on companies who want to outsource their outgoing invoices with a forward-looking vision.

Therefore we concentrate on the combination of data interoperability and secured pdf’s to handle the outgoing invoice flow for our customers.

Within the B2B-world, we want to make a difference by putting our focus on added value services.

Read more in the article that was published in dVO-magazine or if you don’t have the time to read the article, look at our 1-minute video.






According to a recent article in the economic newspaper De Tijd cyber criminals are hacking company mailboxes and infect them with a computer virus so they can keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing mails of the accounting department.

How can you safeguard your business against that kind of fraud?

Read about it in our latest newsletter. Download the OptiPost Newsletter -PDF or read the online version.




Curious for our expertise?

Discover what we do and how we do it!

Give us one minute of your time and we’ll explain our business model and approach in the video. We make it simple for you and take over the risks, stress, work, legal aspects and cover all technical issues. One flow IN multi flow OUT. That’s the logic way to send your invoices.